Meaty Man Movies

The sight of a hot pussy with its delicious meaty lips makes me explode like a cum bomb.

I prefer shaved. But to make sure I would have to taste you in both options.

I'm torn, A little fur tickles the nose but silky smooth makes me wanna just rub my face in it! Guess you'll just have to post more of both to help us decide huh. Depends on the mood :) As of now would love to see a lovely landing strip! Wanna eat it and pick the hair out of my teeth later ;) Hairy for preference - I just find it sexy. But if you're smooth, I'd take advantage of that to get really close, Im really not botherd ,its up to the way the lady feels ,the pussy is amazing with hair or without mmmm x. Your meaty pussy is very hot and would love to feel my cock buried deep to my balls.