Meaty Man Movies

The sight of a hot pussy with its delicious meaty lips makes me explode like a cum bomb.

After a good licking would gently rub it softly up and down on it before sliding in and pounding you hard.

My fantasy would be to tease your entire body while you are in a blindfold. Cold, hot, soft, hard, pain pleasure. Then climb on top and hover over your with my cock head gently spreading your labia while you arch your hips to take me in. I want to lick and suck those sexy lips and get that pussy nice and wet then slide my hard cock between them to get it nice and lubed up before pushing it deep inside. I would love to give you some long deep licks and then slide in, balls deep. I would fill you so full of cum you would drip my load down your inner thighs for days. Mmmm I love meaty lips like yours, I love watching your cum drop off them after you’ve grounded on my face and orgasmed🤤👅 I want to lick your pussy out ! I'm hard at the thought then I want to fuck you till we both cum ! 😛